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Refinance also known as Sale and Leaseback, helps you get value back from your existing assets. It enables your business to sell assets you already own to a leasing company, who in return will release some of the value of the asset back to you in cash.

Sale and leaseback works in the same way as a Finance Lease and can be used for a variety of reasons:


  • Raising additional cash for working capital

  • Refinancing assets subject to a current finance agreement. For example, to reduce monthly payments. 

  • Raising finance against the assets of a business you wish to purchase. You can then use the cash raised as part of the costs to acquire the company.

  • Raising finance on assets you already own as part of the security in a larger transaction.

  • The loan period is from twelve months to five years. The funding term is usually determined by the age of the asset at the point it is refinanced and its expected remaining working life or future value.

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