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100% Full Funding

Joint Venture for Developers

Full 100% land and build funding for developers and house builders

Through our relationships with lenders and investors we are able to arrange 100% Joint Venture funding for residential property development. We can introduce you to an innovative and game-changing joint venture partner who can provide the answer to a project in need of funds to help you maximise profits that might otherwise be lost.

100% of project costs (land & build!) can be funded, on a profit share basis  with just a small cash input from you required

  • - Can consider projects with costs ranging from £2m to £10m 

  • - Financial appraisal must show a healthy return on GDV 

  • - Flats & houses considered 

  • - Maximum individual property value £750k. Units below £600k are preferred. 

  • - Detailed planning consent must be in place. 

  • - England, Wales and Scotland. 

You share the profits with them – typically 50/50 split. 

They set up a new Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the project to ensure your profit & interests are protected.  The JV funder will also handle all the administration of the scheme including VAT returns, contractor payments etc removing all the admin hassle for you.

You remain at the helm. They are there when you need them and leave you alone when you don't.

Purely residential schemes are preferred, but a small commercial element can also be considered. 

They are the perfect joint venture partner for you if:

  • You're experienced in new build

  • Have full planning permission in place

  • Projects are up to 24 months duration 

  • Multi-unit residential new build or conversions 

  • The GDV is between £2-15M 

  • Competitive selling prices for the postcode 

  • Good margins that support great returns for you both.

Check out the testimonials from Developers who have used our JV partner!

 “We have been delighted with the team; they have done everything we have asked of them, on time, and have stuck to their word at every juncture. I couldn’t have asked for a better funding and strategic partner. They have been instrumental in allowing Edenstone Homes to forward plan the very exciting and substantial pipeline that we now have.”  Mr M Taylor


“Their involvement meant that we haven’t had the usual hassle and delays of finance usually associated with banks. We’ve been able to focus all our efforts on developing great new homes and generating significant profit.”  Mr D Evans

 Contact our experienced Brokers to see how we can help your business grow 

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