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Interest Only Revolving Credit Facility

A Revolving Credit Facility works in the same way as a traditional bank overdraft.

Interest is charged on a daily basis and there is no long-term commitment, so it provides complete flexibility.

No fixed monthly capital repayments - repay when it suits you, within the agreed time period


This is interest-only facility is for a full 12 months and offers a market-leading rate of just 0.075% per day. You only have to pay the weekly interest until you’re in a position to repay the capital (during the 12-month period).

  • Borrow up to £85,000 unsecured and £500,000 secured,

  • Funds typically transferred within 3 working days.

  • Draw as little or as much as required — subject to facility limits

  • Only pay interest on outstanding daily amount

  • Capital repaid as and when affordable within the term

  • Eases cash flow in early stages of business start-up or new contract work

  • Ability to meet cash flow gaps whilst waiting on invoice payments

  • Flexible use of funds during the term Of the loan

  • Ability to renew, extend or increase on request [subject to status]

  • Allows for purchase of stock and materials using cash incentive

Don't miss an opportunity to expand your business because of a lack of available finance. 

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